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The selected literature listed below is a compelation of a lifetime of writings by Alfred William Lawson.  These historical books, and a variety of additional materials, are collector's copies for anyone interested in adding to their collection of educational and historical literature.  Lawson's literature, often accused of being ahead of time, is inspirational and entirely adaptable to what is going on in our world today.  Lawson's books can be purchased individually or in sets.  Please outline your requests to: 


Born Again - At the time Alfred Lawson wrote the novel "Born Again" in 1904 his thoughts ran far ahead of the wise men of his years.  He shows "Sageland" before the Flood with the most advanced race of human beings in history.  In this book, amazingly ahead of it's time, the author shows Radio as it is today, cities built under one roof, coagulated sunlight, collective telepathy and many other advanced plans.  The hero and heroine of this novel were brought together after a separation of more than 4,000 years. -  .00 plus S & H.

Aircraft History  -  .00 plus S & H

Lawson Aircraft Industry Builder - A truthful history of the building of the foundation of Aircraft Industry and airlines. Statements are proved by photographic evidence produced at the time the events happened. - .00 Plus S & H

Lawson's Proverbs - .00 plus S & H

Know Business (sold out and no longer available)

Direct Credits For Everybody - .00 plus S & H

Short Speeches - As spoken by Alfred Lawson. A text book of ready made speeches that range from two minutes to sixty minutes duration on the most important subjects connected with the life of man. - .00 plus S & H

100 Speeches By Alfred Lawson - and...50 pages of engraved photographs. - .00 plus S & H

Manlife - Discusses the composition of man, how he can live longer, grow younger with increased efficiency and improved looks, how he can enjoy perfect health, avoid ailments and obtain greater strength.  .00 Plus S & H

Gardening - This book explains how Cosmic Debris passes through the Earth and plants and eventually reaches the Digestive Organs of man. .00 Plus S & H

Children - A book containing Questions and Answers on Physics, Physiology and Economics.  .00 Plus S & H

Penetrability - A non-technical book showing the fundamental principles of Physics. .00 Plus S & H

Creation - A non-technical work outlining PENETRABILITY which simplifies man's fundamental problems along all avenues of progress.  .00 Plus S & H

A New SpeciesPublished  in 1941 - .00 Plus S & H

Lawsonomy - .00 Plus S & H

Mentality  - .00 Plus S & H

The Almighty - .00 Plus S & H

(The above set of the 3 volumes of Lawsonomy, Mentality, and The Almighty can be purchased as a set for .00)

Lawsonian Religion - Published in 1949 - .00 Plus S & H

Lawson's Mighty Sermons -

Songs of Lawsonomy -  "Music is inspired by the soul and likewise has a direct influence upon it." AWL  This song book consistes of 247 pages of inspirational songs. Hardcover.


6 Pack of Booklets

A 2000 Mile Trip In The First Airliner

Lawson - From Bootblack To Emancipator

Congressional Recommendations To Congress - 1/18 to 9/18

The Death Of Liberty

 A 2000 ssional Recommendations To Congress 1918

Alfred Lawson - Master Works

Cards and Pamphlets

Packet (8) Lawsonian Religion Sample Set.  Included in this set are 8 small pamphlets:  Essence of Lawsonian Religion, Religious Advancement, Character, Maneuverability, Law Is The Base Of Absolute Knowledge, Law Of Reaction, Natural Law, And Health Must Come First In The Life Of Man.

Season's Greetings - 

Verses Suitable For Framing


Good Reasons For Thanking God